What Size is a One-Week Old Australian Shepherd

One-Week Old Australian Shepherd

A one-week old Australian Shepherd puppy is a very special dog to have around. They are so cute and really small in size, but with the proper care they will grow up to be big dogs with lots of energy.

A one-week-old shepherd puppy is basically a newborn with a small weight gain from birth. In this article, we give the weight and size of a puppy and how to handle and take care of it.

One-Week Old Australian Shepherd

What Size is One-Week-Old Australian Shepherd

A one-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy has an average weight of 1.38 kg (3 lbs). For an Australian Shepherd to become an adult it will require 16 months but it can grow to its adult weight within a year.

Does a One-Week-Old Australian Shepherd Eat

At this stage, it is too young to eat anything other than milk which is why you need to take care of it until then. It typically feeds every 3-4 hours with a total of 6 feedings in a day. The milk will provide all the nutrients and energy the pup needs to grow.

one-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy should only eat small amounts of food every day because it doesn’t have teeth yet and can’t chew well enough on its own. It needs your help in order for him or her to get the nutrition that he or she needs for healthy growth and development. Be sure not to overfeed him or her, too many calories could lead them down the path to obesity and other health problems.

How to Handle a Newborn and One-Week Old Puppy

Since they are so small, it is important that you handle a newborn Australian shepherd with care. When picking up or carrying the pup, use both of your hands and support its bottom and back. Do not hold them by their neck or head as this could cause damage.

Where Should the Puppy Live and Sleep

A newborn puppy needs rest and will sleep up to 20 hours a day. They also like to sleep in a warm and comfortable place. Make sure that the area is safe and will not cause the puppy to suffocate or rollover into something that it can’t get out of easily.

A one-week-old puppy should have a separate sleeping away from people or other animals in your house because they still need to develop enough immunities that will protect them from other animals’ germs.

In addition, make sure that the pup is always warm. They are not able to regulate their body temperature as well as adult dogs and can get cold easily. So, keep them in a warm environment and use a blanket or towel if needed. Don’t worry your puppy is not oversleeping.

Should I clean my One-Week Old Australian Shepherd?

They are constantly urinating and defecating so make sure you clean up after them regularly. A mother will lick her pups to stimulate urination and defecation but since they are not around you will need to do this for them. It is best that you use water mixed with a mild soap or puppy shampoo. Make sure that it gets rinsed off completely before letting the pup back into its area.

Remember to take care of the Lighting and Sound

Newborn puppies are very sensitive to light and sound. You should keep the lights turned off and during the day and maintain a quiet environment for them. At night you can use a low-light led light to keep the area illuminated.

Training and Socialization

Since a one-week-old Australian Shepherd is still too young, there is no need for any training or socialization. However, you should keep an eye on its health and take it to the vet if you see any problems.


There are some health issues to look out for when you have a one-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy, but most of these problems can be prevented by providing a good home life with lots of love and care. Some common health concerns are obesity, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and cataracts. All of these problems can be avoided if the puppy is kept in good shape and doesn’t overeat.

Make sure you take your one-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy to the vet for checkups and immunizations so that it can grow up to be a healthy dog. With a little bit of love and care, your one-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy will grow up to be a loyal and loving family pet.


If you have a one-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy, you’ll need to be careful about what they eat and how much. One of the most important things for them is that they are always warm because their body can’t regulate it as well as an adult dog.

Be sure not to feed them too many calories or let them oversleep either- this could lead to health issues like obesity. If your pup has any problems with its health, take it to the vet right away! With some love and care from you, your newborn will grow up healthy and happy in no time at all!

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